Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hello Yellow!

Fresh paint:
February can be a gray and dreary month - even in the "sunny" South.
So, hello yellow.

This cheery color sampler came from Country Living's website.
(I've talked about their color forecasts before.)

They call it Marigold and the article says it is
 "the color that is taking over" homes this Spring!

I like yellow, 
and it is Mollie's favorite color (she had a yellow room when she was young!),
 but I don't have a ton of it in my house.

Most of the yellow I DO have is on my porch.

I discovered this new Rustoleum golden-y yellow spray paint late last Summer 
and freshened up a few items from the screened porch using it!
It's called "Tuscan Sun" and since I love the book by Frances Mayes 
and the movie starring Diane Lane, I figured it was a good color to try. 
It's amazing how I make some of my design decisions :)

Then I decided to give a bamboo mirror I found while thrifting a coat of my favorite Sherwin Williams gold-y yellow paint to freshen it up!

I love when I stock up on citrus - especially during the Winter.

In the interest of cheering up a gray February day
 I found some more  inspiration pics that may have us all thinking
 about using yellow ASAP!!

beautiful grouping of blue and white Chinese ginger jars and bowls:

Forsythia is a favorite of mine - it blooms so early here and it gives me hope that Spring is close!! And in that blue and white jar?? Perfect.

Daffodils and blue and white are such a good combination!:

And I actually saw daffodils blooming today in Atlanta! 

This article is from Town and Country mag and explains that every house needs Buffalo Checks. I agree. And those drapes are fabulous. So check, check!

Traditional Living Room Dressed in Yellow:

Y'all know by now I loooove anything bamboo.

Image result for yellow bamboo furniture

And if you want to walk around and spread the cheer, 
how about this cuuuute top from Boden.
Image result for yellow gingham shirt

So, are you embracing yellow this Spring?

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