Monday, April 24, 2017

Front Door Confessions

The sad truth is that our first impression isn't so great right now. 
Our house faces West and our front door takes a beating from the sun.
(Here's a picture from December - lots of beige brick! 
Traditional metro Atlanta 5, 4 and a door.)

And all of our stormy rains seem to blow in from the West. 
It's time for some maintenance and some paint so I am day dreaming about the possibilities.

I do not like our brick but I have to make it work.
I would love to paint it white. 
(I love white painted brick so much! Look at this beauty.)

7 Brick Houses Done Right - Rooms For Rent blog:

Painted Brick. A dream come true for me but makes my husband twitch.

Our front door is SW Urbane Bronze. It's off of "my strip" as I have mentioned before. 
All of my seasonal decor looks great against it...


 ...but maybe I'm ready for something peppier. Or brighter.

Here are some first impressions I really love.
I've been searching for  a big concrete dog (I can afford) for quite some time. 
Remember my trip to Concrete World?? 
Someday my dog will come!
(I compensated with a giant Santa at Christmas)

7 Fabulous Front Door Ideas:

Can't go wrong with white on white on white,
The striped pots and coral mailbox don't hurt a bit.

photo 6:

This green door sitch is fabulous. 
My doors were green a few years ago. Maybe I should revisit green.

Give guests a warm welcome with friendly tones of green, gray, and blue. This grand double-door entry is balanced by its easygoing, leafy hue and simple carving. The weathered patina of the pendant lantern suggests a home that's mellowed over time.:

And how about just green with envy...

Norman Askins Atlanta designed home via Pinterest

Coral is always a win in my book but maybe not with my brick.

Blushing Salmon Beautiful | ZsaZsa Bellagio - Like No Other:

Mmmmm. Turquoise...

Turquoise front door in Greece. -  Photograph by Tom Gowanlock:

or darker turquoise...

Turquoise Houses of Seaside, Florida:

This would not work with my brick but it is all kinds of perfect!!

Dream door with ivy:

Usually when I paint I like to make a change. 
I mean, if I am painting it might as well look different but I'm sooo undecided. 
I love the Urbane Bronze. I haven't gotten tired of it and that's saying something!
What color is your front door?

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