Friday, January 6, 2012

Snowman Puppet

You need 3 white, recycled bottle caps in varying sizes.
(Great sorting lesson, big to little, etc.)

Draw dots for the eyes and mouth.
Add a little tiny sliver of peel and stick fun foam for the carrot nose.
Give the other two bottle caps some dots for buttons.
Then glue them to a jumbo craft stick or a strip of stiff cardboard to make a stick puppet.
Add a scrap of fabric for a cozy scarf and you are ready for a show!
Our favorite? Make 10 of these and the class can take turns getting behind a table and singing," one little, two little, three little snowmen"... all the way to 10!! Parents love this :)

** If you use bigger lids off of  jars or cans instead of  bottle caps then the puppet can be glued to a paintstick and you can have a "really big show!"

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