Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hopping Ahead to Easter...*

I have never used these little cotton rounds from the Make-Up department for anything beauty related. I'm sure they are great for removing eye make up or something. I just don't know. I do know they are really great for practically free art projects. You can buy a whole sleeve of these little circles for a dollar. Just grab some supplies you have hanging around and get started.
I cut one circle in half and slathered those and a whole circle with Mod Podge and then just mushed the ears to the head. The generous coat of Mod Podge will seal up the cut sides of the ears. The inside of the circle is like a cotton ball and needs the MP to keep it together. And it just all sticks together.
Then I gave it a dusting of crystal glitter because it is leftover from the January Art Camp projects (
and and it was there. Good enough reason. If you don't have it then just go on to giving this guy an adorable face.

Just pull out your buttons and scraps of fun foam or felt or whatever. Just get creative. Just put a dab of MP on your bunny face and add the details. I made the whiskers from fun foam and the eyes and nose are buttons. That's what I had sitting around. You could use wiggle eyes and wire... doesn't matter.
Then I added some pink glitter fun foam for the inside of the bunny ears.He's so stinking cute. And easy.
You could glue him to a card, add a pin back and, ta-da, Easter jewelry, string them together for a garland with some plastic eggs or glue them on popsicle sticks for a puppet show if you are in a classroom.

* I will backtrack to St. Patricks Day.  I'm jumping all over the place right now.

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  1. how cute it would be to make some easter bunny garland with these?! LOVE IT!!