Thursday, February 2, 2012

Poof! You're an Owl!

 I am working on a pink, woodland themed baby shower for a friend. I saw these "bath poufs" at the Dollar Tree and thought that they could be turned into some kind of cute baby shower decoration. They were pink and a dollar - that was inspiration enough.

 I used my circle punches to punch a variety of pink paper circles in a variety of sizes. I just used a dab of hot glue to put them together and we have cute pink owls to decorate with!

Very cute. Obviously, they wouldn't work in the shower since they are paper.
 But these poufs come in lots of colors. The blue ones would make good Thing 1 andThing 2's for a Seuss party or for a classroom activity. You could make green frogs, white ones for snowmen, crazy monsters for " Where the Wild Things Are." You could glue them to paint sticks and turn your creations into puppets. Lots of possibilities for a dollar.

( Not a great picture - sorry. )

Here they are ready to party!! I hung them from the ceiling fan over the table where we will eat. I added paper lantern owls ( remember those from a previous post?), ribbon streamers and little paper acorns. The acorns say " Mighty Oakes from little acorns grow." - Old English Proverb. The mom's last name is Oakes so that explains the woodland theme! There are pink acorns everywhere because it's a baby girl!!

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  1. what a great use for those plastic shower things. I get given them in bathroom sets at christmas and usually just throw them away - i'll keep them next christmas.

  2. So cute, my daughter loves owls and this would be a big hit with her -- I will have to look for the poufs!


  3. How cute is that? Yes, I have been reading your blog all day. :)