Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Puppets on a Stick!

Just a sampling of the quick and cute puppets you can create from recycled toilet paper tubes and found items. Over the years, we have created all types of puppets this way. You can come up with a puppet to go with just about every theme,subject or holiday.

Of course, an owl! The main stick to turn these into puppets is just a jumbo craft stick glued to the inside bottom of the tube. I usually hot glue these on for sturdiness. If you are in a classroom setting (create them to go with whatever you are studying from Dr. Seuss to presidents to animals), scouts ( make them look like your troop and act out skits for badges) or Sunday School ( can't you just see angels or the Three Wise Men made from TP tubes!) where you are making a quantity you can prep these ahead of time. For the owl we added a regualr popsicle stick for a branch but you could actually use a real twig from the yard for the stick on this puppet and that would be really cute, green and free! The face, wings and leaves are made from fun foam scraps and buttons but you can use whatever you have on hand - felt, paper, wallpaper, yarn - you name it. Just throw supplies out there and let the kiddos get creative.
The pig has a bottle cap snout and of course, a curly tail ( made from a pink pipe cleaner!)
Mr. Bumblebee is created from scraps of tulle ribbon or window screen for wings and a bottle cap with google eyes. The stripes could be painted or made from strips of paper but I had yellow tape from the electrical department that had been clearanced so we played with that.

The possibilities are endless and there are always lots of TP tubes in the recycling bin ...

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  1. how fun. love projects like these that encourage imagination. Thanks for sharing on Motivated Monday at BeColorful

  2. Hooked when I saw your link up over at gluesticks- I love anything owls!!!
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