Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Few "Deets" About the "Challenge" Room - Fabric and Art

I posted this picture on IG somewhere in the middle of the process.
A lot of people wanted to know where to find this fabric.
Me too!!

This was a ready made pillow at a shop nearby.
 There are multiple vendors so I had to track down the vendor through the ladies at the front desk. They called her. We chatted with them as middle men, so to speak. Then she gave them permission to share her cell number. I texted her a pic. She had no clue. She sent it to her supplier. I checked back with her. Her supplier finally said he couldn't get the fabric.
 I wanted THAT fabric.
Then I went to the place I should have started - Eric at Lewis and Sheron Textiles downtown (Atlanta).
I called him. He said, "Send me a picture."
I sent it.
He said they had it!!!
Happy dance.
Next question. How much? Cause I really love it.
More happy dancing - it was only $10.95 a yard.  (I know, right?)
I had to go to Lenox (opposite side of the city to see a Genius about a Mac ) so I cut across town and ran through LS, said "Eric it's me - I'm here about the banana leaf fabric", he cut it, I paid, snapped a few pics of some really good fabrics and was out the door in less than 15.
 I had a Mac to deliver to College Girl - It's Maymester!!
That was my only "splurge" in the whole room.
But once I saw it I couldn't imagine anything else.
I made a pillowcase from the banana leaf fabric. I covered a "body hug" (that is seriously the name) pillow we had. When you have moved your college aged daughter as many times as we have from dorms to apartments to subleased Summer apartments to the  Sorority House and back to apartments- some furnished, some not- you accumulate stuff. In every size. The coral fabric is some I had from the Sorority House bedroom decorating project, The blue beaded pillow is one I snagged from College Girl as well and the zebra pillow was in that room before the ORC began. It just worked.
And a pillow for the chair.
That chair was in the room before the ORC and right up until 2 days before I planned on taking it out.
 The room is small and the chair is large even though it fits the inspiration "look."
Once I moved furniture around it looked better than I thought
 and since I didn't really have another chair I definitely wanted to use, I left it.
It's growing on me.
And thank you for the nice comments on the 'print' or painting
 and the questions about where I found it.
Made me smile.

I had a dark brown frame propped on the dresser in all the early ORC posts.
It was given to me.
It fit in the window opening perfectly.
I really wanted a bamboo blind on this window but it is dead center on the front of the house and every other window on the front "reads" white. So a bamboo blind probably wouldn't cut it.
But we need privacy and it's the South and the front of our house gets afternoon sun.
Scorching in the Summer.
So, I left the white shade that was already on the window. A practical necessity.
I pulled it up so it practically disappeared.

And then I burned the midnight oil and painted this blue and white chinoiserie vase
 with coral in it the night before the final ORC post!
I had seen ( and I thought "pinned" it but I can't find it now) a photo of a room
 ( I believe by Ralph Lauren)
and it had a huge blue and white vase full of red coral and I just wanted to paint it. 
 I just never got around to it until this room and vase presented the chance.

 I spray painted the frame gold
and then waited for the sun to come up so I could take pictures for the reveal post! :)

So thank you for the compliments on my painting!
This painting has made me want to paint some more blue and white china and coral or maybe palms...
but smaller. This one is 20x24"!!

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