Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fall 2016 One Room Challenge - Week 5

Progress and Perspective.
Well, it's week 5.

Things should be wrapping up, details fine tuned
 and photos being taken in the next day or so.
There has been some progress in our Master Bathroom project
 and I'll share a few sneak peeks below.
But first, Perspective.

This is (hopefully) posting automatically. I am on an Emergency Relief site in Bluffton, SC where we are doing "mud outs" on Hurricane Matthew ravaged homes. Weeks after the "big news" of Hurricane Matthew people are still knee deep in mud - literally!

 Displaying 20161022_141505_resized.jpg

This is everything this family owns.  Everything. Just waiting for debris removal trucks.

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Their Master Bathroom.

I hope you'll enjoy my progress shots and check back at some point to see my room finished after I complete my "mud out" adventure.
I'm not sure it will be by the deadline.

First, I chose this gorgeous, amazing, I'm obsessed fabric
 for a little shower curtain thing I'm doing.
 I took this in the store with my iphone and it looks waaaay "red-er" than it is.
 It looks fab with the coral bamboo cabinet.

Can we just take a moment?

It was on sale - yippee! 
And it is a historical piece from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation 
which is pretty appropriate.
I grew up in the DC area and my parents often took us to Williamsburg for fun weekends. We went during all the "seasons" including Christmas and many of my fond childhood memories are of those trips. And the cookies from the bakery. 
And then my Mom and Dad took us again when Mollie was young and "in to" American Girls Dolls - complete with a Mollie sized Felicity dress and cap!! All of the "residents" of Colonial Williamsburg stopped to talk to Mollie as if she were one of them. Such a great memory for Mollie!

The cabinets are white. Again.
(How many times will she paint these cabinets?? (QoftheD!)

The tape is still on the baseboards and I had a moment with the drill 
so you can see I will be touching up a couple of places. OY!

But aren't they pretty?
I wanted bamboo pulls and knobs but they were so expensive and, again, perspective triumphs. If I ever find some for less than $20.00 or more each then maybe!
These were on sale at Homegoods for $9.99 and they look gorgeous against the glossy white. 
I sprayed my old hinges to match. 

Here's one corner that is relatively together and clean. I try to look that way most of the time. Makes me feel better about the unchecked items on the to-do list!

And then there is this little sneak peek of lamp love.

And I'm still deciding about the salon/gallery wall over the tub.
So I went to the BIG GUNS for inspiration.

House Beautiful:

Stuart Membery's Loo.


and of course, One King's Lane and my original inspiration pic:

South Shore Decorating Blog: 50 Favorites for Friday #229:

Be sure to visit Calling It Home Blog
 and see how things are looking with everyone nearing the finish line!!


  1. You have such pretty little things in your space. I hope you come to a decision soon about the wall. I am facing a dilemma as well because I am yet to find art for my wall : ).

  2. Thank you Delia. I don't know why this is such a tough decision LOL. If I don't do a gallery wall then I'm in the same boat you are - no big artwork for the wall!!

  3. Boy that sneak peak is everything! And the fabric will be perfect! Good luck on your trip:)

    1. Sherry, Thank you!! I think your work is amazing so your comments mean so much to me :)