Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Blue and White Chinoiserie Wall Pockets


As a child my grandmother had a ceramic wall pocket that looked like a bird on a branch hanging on her breakfast room wall. She rooted cuttings in it and I was intrigued by it. 

So it is no surprise that when I saw blue and white chinoiserie wall pockets I was hooked. I have collected quite a few. Not all of them are currently hanging but I enjoy the ones that are. 

The wall pocket hanging in my kitchen is the largest one I own. I love having it under the lamp at the kitchen table and changing out the greenery (real or faux) seasonally. 

(See how to make this "faux' pleated shade here.)

I used a small one on my screened in porch when I redid it for an One Room Challenge a couple of years ago. This one is filled with a few, fairly convincing fake succulents.

Mollie has one in her bathroom - filled with eucalyptus for that spa like feel! 

I have one tucked on a little sliver of wall in the Library. It's only noticeable from one side of the room but I love the crisp blue and white against the black walls and I have dried palmetto fans in it, which I love. South Carolina gal here.

I recently hung another one on our screened in porch. 

I definitely think it would be fun to do a grouping of several styles together.
 They also make a nice addition to a gallery wall like the one pictured below.

I haven't run across many images with blue and white chinoiserie wall pockets in use but this charming one from @kendallrabuninteriors  is filled with an orchid and I love it!

Do you have any wall pockets?
I have found all of my wall vases in thrift stores over the years. I haven't seen one "in the wild" in ages but if you want to add one or two to your blue and white collection
there are quite a few available on Etsy and Chairish if you are hunting one! Or maybe you can find them in your thrift stores - every area is different when it comes to what you find!


  1. Have never seen these before but I love them! Something new to hunt for...

    1. Yes, another item to add to the thrifting list! I've found quite a few but not in the last couple of years! Thrifting finds often go in cycles. I hope you find one!