Tuesday, March 2, 2021

(Faux) Topiary Tuesday!

I actually call my little collection of fake topiaries "faux-piaries" :)

I love real, living topiaries but sometimes faux is the way to go because topiaries can be finicky (and pricey!)

I purchased a few of these in a variety of different places from Target to IKEA to a floral wholesaler I like in our area. 

And I made several of them using a few easy steps and supplies. I "planted" them in a collection of thrifted blue and white Chinoiserie planters. I originally made the boxwood topiaries for my mother's surprise birthday party a few years ago. When my parent's home closed last year I brought them home and I've enjoyed using them inside and out. 

                     The directions are here if you want to create a "faux-piary" of your own!


  1. Thanks for the instructions on how to do the fauxpiary! I have a big chinoiserie fish bowl that could use one.

    1. I hope you get one made for that big chinoiserie fishbowl - that would be fabulous!