Thursday, March 11, 2021

Faux Bois

 Faux Bois means "false wood" in French. 

I realize I'm starting to look like a big fake on here - first my "faux pleated shade" post, then "faux-piaries" and now I'm talking about fake wood :)

Never fear, Faux Bois really is a thing and it's getting a lot of attention right now. It's not a trend, though, in my opinion. (I talked about trends here if you want to know my view on trend v. classics.)  I first discovered Faux Bois in my twenties (so, a long time ago!) via a Martha Stewart magazine article. Antique French Faux Bois furniture pieces are quite spendy and rare. Newer faux bois pieces can be the same. Here is the link to an artist in Virginia who practices the 150 year old tradition of making faux bois furniture! Amazing. And my latest Ballard Catalog featured some new faux bois items by the fabulous gardener Bunny Williams.

 Faux Bois can also mean a faux finish technique that makes wood, paper, or fabric look like it has a pronounced wood grain. There is a tool called a rocker that helps create this look. I have a rocker and learned to create a faux bois finish many years ago. I thought it was fun and pretty easy to master. Maybe I'll dig it out and use it for a project soon! I keep looking at this faux bois rug from Martha Stewart!

But this post is actually prompted by a cute little, reasonably priced faux bois candle holder I found the other day. I have a serious case of Spring fever and it seemed like a fun accent piece to display a little plant or some other springy items. Or an actual candle, it's intended purpose!

Do you like Faux Bois? People seem to either really like it or want to give it a definite pass. 

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