Thursday, March 18, 2021

I Bought the Most Fabulous Plant

 I love a variegated plant more than anything.

Last week, in search of something else but trying to satisfy my serious Spring Fever, I wandered through the garden center at Lowe's. 

I spied this plant peeking out of a brown paper wrapper. It looked familiar but I wasn't completely sure what it was. I was trying to find the tag (and price) and an employee stopped to help. I asked if the one I was looking at was the only one and he said it wasn't. They had just unloaded a cart full from the delivery truck. I got my pick of the bunch. 

It is a variegated Elephant Ear (Alocasia adora 'Variegata')

 Here in the Atlanta area they are a Summer tropical but they are hardy in zones 10-11. I knew I still had some cold weather  ahead but I couldn't pass this beauty by!

           I brought it home and it's hanging out in a corner of the Family Room right now.                  

 See it in the corner?

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We are having mild days (even hitting 70 degrees here and there) so I can take it out on the screened porch during the day to get some bright light and fresh air. I joke about "taking my plant out for a walk" but keeping this beauty happy until it's safe to move outside for the Summer is worth it. 

I'm hoping I'll be able to winter it over and have it for years to come. I'm doing some reading to learn more about Elephant Ear care. I love how big the leaves get on even the solid varieties. Do you grow Elephant Ears? Any tips?


  1. Gorgeous plant! Here in the desert we plant it outside in the shade and they do great.

    1. Wow, it's pretty versatile then! I can't wait until I can keep it outside!