Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Is it Spring Yet? Guadeloupe, Gingham and Green, Oh My!

I know that I really cannot complain. 
We have a day or two of cold weather, a little bit of snow 
and then BAM! It's 70 degrees in Atlanta.
Mollie and I had lunch outside twice last week!! Twice!
And I bought an outdoor rug for my screened porch on sale at Hobby Lobby.
So Spring is on the horizon...

But honestly, once the holidays are over I am ready to go warp speed directly to Spring, gardening, sunshine, shorts and eating on the screened porch.
But since we have more cold weather forecasted in the near future
 I am day dreaming about warm weather things and places!

Oh my gosh.
Someone please take me to Guadeloupe.

I would like to point out the article states that there are flights starting at $49.00 one way. 
I googled it before I got excited and $776.00 round trip was the best I could find. 
That's more.
But a girl can dream about Guadeloupe.

If you can't get outside yet then a room like this would be a good place to hang out and wait for the sun.

Related image

And in my book Spring = Gingham.

Oh my! All the "ginghams" on one table!!
Can we talk about those party hats?

How pretty would this be for Easter brunch??
I would like to have Kate Landers come to my house and get this all set for me!

I know I'm jumping the gun - Valentine's comes before Easter but I consider Valentine's Day to be a Winter holiday.
Spring/Summer.. It's al fresco time:

However, pink gingham may be my favorite.

Truthfully, I'm pretty sure black and white gingham is my all time favorite!
Not Spring~y but look at this set up:

Southern Thanksgiving Table Setting- Gold, Blue, Black Gingham, Cotton Stalk and Painted Oyster Shell. Perfection!:
And it has a gold oyster shell place card. I'm sold!! 
PS. I've recently "pinned" some great gingham images!!

But most of all I'm excited for everything to be green again outside.
I'm ready for my hydrangeas to bloom, and I'm ready to plant things!

Maybe on a slightly smaller scale ;)

One of my favorite gardening blogs and IG feeds belongs to Claus Dalby.
He has the most amazing gardens and flower arrangements.
 He is in Denmark.
 I figure if he can hang on until Spring, then I can as well.





Seriously, hurry up Spring!

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