Friday, October 6, 2017

Bamboo Friday #?

I'm starting to lose track...
It's Friday - so it is time for Bamboo Friday again!!
I have jumped in to the Fall 2017 One Room Challenge
 which falls in the craziest month for me work-wise
 (other than during the Summer when I live out of a backpack 
and rolling carry-on suitcase!) 

Because of all of this craziness two things happened inside my fuzzy head:
1. I didn't prepare a Bamboo Friday post in advance
2. I forgot to add my design board to yesterday's ORC post #1.

Well, I love it when things fall together anyway. 
So here is my Fall 2017 One Room Challenge design board complete with -
 you guessed it -
 a touch of bamboo!!

ORC - Fall 2017

I'm still adding to this inspiration board but the stars of the show are all there!
Today's bamboo is the Brighton Pavilion Bamboo Chairs!!

Here is a fascinating history of the Brighton Pavilion in England and gorgeous pictures of the extravagant interiors.
Hooray for George IV for building this amazing seaside retreat and therefore sparking a bamboo style legacy that we still benefit from and LOVE today.

Have a great weekend and if you are on the ORC bandwagon I hope it is a productive one!

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