Thursday, October 26, 2017

Come On In! Fall 2017 ORC - The Entryway

Week 4 Check In.

This is always. always the week that I have very little excitement to post. 
In addition, I am currently in Virginia. 
Which is beautiful with fall color and cool, crisp air.

Look at that sky with those colorful trees.

So, I am not home getting anything done.
But I'm not without some progress to report.
My handy husband is at home stripping the finish off 
of the long time disliked yellow-y oak floors.

Some of you may be thinking to yourself, "I don't remember any mention of redoing the floors in the previous ORC posts or the design board."

You are correct.
Since I have been dragging my heels on the fabric decision, am out of town and haven't accomplished much except to do other non-ORC related projects I decided to add refinishing the floor to the "list."

The To-Do List
1. Stain the floor
2. Continue looking for  rug. (I may be on to something)
3. Add fabric border to the bottom of the curtains
4. Pillows for Brighton chairs.
5. Paint hall tree
6. Paint back of front door - something fun that works with fabric and rug which are TBD :(
7. Decide on accessories for the chest - they are in front of the mirror.
8. Decide on accessories fro Brighton table 
9. I want a plant in there somewhere... 

Be sure to check out all the progress on other ORC rooms here.


  1. what a mighty fine man you have :)

  2. Cheers to extra projects that actually get done! That is great news about the floor.

    1. For real!! Thank you. Now to get the planned projects finished :0