Friday, October 20, 2017

Bamboo Friday #11. I Can't Choose...

The November issue of Coastal Living Magazine
 has two of the most amazing bamboo items ever. 

I cannot pick a favorite so you decide.
Which do you think is the most fabulous??

First, this hanging chair/bed/?  
However you identify it, it is the perfect spot to read/relax/ sleep/ daydream.

I'd like to spend every Bamboo Friday in it :)

And the other image that grabbed me is this "rounded bamboo sofa" in this dreamy Caribbean home designed by the amazing Amanda Lindroth.

I mean, really. 
That is my dream bamboo find right there!!
I could definitely be happy sitting on that couch on Lyford Cay for the rest of my life.

Have a good Bamboo Friday 
and if your weekend involves some thrifting then I hope you find something bamboo!!

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