Sunday, October 15, 2017

Plastic Pumpkins Go Glam

I realize that painting plastic pumpkins is not a new and exciting idea 
but this turned out pretty cute 
and took about 5 minutes so I thought I would share.

We had an event at church and I wanted some Fall-ish decor
 but I wanted something a little different and fun.
And very inexpensive.
I bought plastic pumpkins for a dollar. 
(I saw them at the thrift store today for a quarter 
so you could really create these for a bargain.)

 I used my favorite gold spray paint to change their look from plastic orange to classy gold. 
It is amazing what gold spray paint can do!

 Then I drilled a hole in the bottom the same size as a bamboo garden stake I already had. 
Make it a snug fit.
 I pushed the pumpkins on to the stake and used a little bit of black tape to wrap around the stake right under the pumpkin so it would not slide down. I used a 1/2 inch wide strip so it blends in with the bamboo markings. 

Then I went to Lowe's near the house and bought all the clearance mums they had!
I paid a dollar per mum so this was a pretty big look for not much money. 
Everyone kept talking about how fun they were and because they were so inexpensive we put them everywhere and then I sent them home with the volunteers at the end of the event!

Everyone had a big smile on their face!


  1. I love the glam gold pumpkins, amazing how a can of spray can totally transform something, great job!

    1. Thank you!! it's crazy how cute they are after a coat of good gold spraypaint! Who knew??