Thursday, October 12, 2017

Come On In!! Fall 2017 ORC - Inspirations

I found the most amazing mirror a couple of months ago and it has been propped 
while I decided where it was going. 

Mid-Century Tropical Mirror 1st dibs.  $1450.00
It WAS the find of a lifetime!
BUT due to the fact it weighs a zillion pounds  
I have to be sure exactly where it is going to stay long term. 
That's a lot of pressure because I move stuff around ALL the time.

And the amazing mirror is white - original finish.
And my walls are white - staying white.

So, I'm wondering how that will look in my latest ORC.
I personally  love white on white but I need to be sure 
because no moving this behemoth around willy nilly. 

So I went looking for some white mirror on white wall inspiration...

A mirror both Baroque and whimsical.




Obviously, Allison Elebash and I are on the same page.

Atoll Rectangular Mirror with Clear Glass
Ballard Designs

Chinoiserie Chic

And this image from local designer Mandy Rye of Waiting on Martha 
is a longtime favorite of mine.

Foyer styling by Waiting on Martha in The One Room Challenge 2016

So, I'm inspired - white mirror on white wall it is.

And one more time - since I left it out of Week 1 and had to cram it in to a Bamboo Friday post - here is my Inspiration Board. It's a bit bare but it IS the starting point:

ORC - Fall 2017

Be sure to follow my progress in real time  on Instagram 
(or see what I'm doing while procrastinating on my ORC!)
But anyway, follow along on my Instagram here 
and see what everyone else who has taken on the ORC F2017 is up to here.


  1. Wow! That truly is the find of a lifetime. Gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of white on white!!

    1. Thank you and yay! I'm glad to hear you are a big fan of white on white. I love it and I think if any mirror can pull it off this one can!! Thank you for the feed back. Feeling some validation now!

  2. Give me that mirror right now. Find of the century is right. I wish I had for the Dervish's room. Cannot wait to see how it all comes together! xoxo, Em

    1. Ha!Ha! It was just sitting there in a thrift store FULL of people. NO one had a clue :) A couple of people looked at me when I started dragging it out of the pile like "what is she buying that thing for!!"

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. Me too. It took major muscles to get it in the car but I wasn't leaving w/out it!!