Thursday, October 19, 2017

Come On In! Fall 2017 ORC - The Entryway

Week 3 Check-in. 

The mirror of my dreams is finally hanging in our entryway.
And I love it!! 
I love the white on white - my inspiration investigations were right! It's fabulous.
I've been cleaning it like crazy. 
It's like someone had a coke explode on it right before they stored it
 in the dustiest basement ever. 
Not even kidding. 
But she's worth it!!

I didn't get it hung until Sunday evening so my initial sneak peeks on my IG 
were evening/lamp lit shots.

It doesn't hurt one bit that I have this gorgeous bouquet
 from the POP UP Shop last Saturday. 
One of our vendors created live bouquets 
from buckets of gorgeous flowers from the flower mart. 
I love white flowers and she created this all white bouquet for me. 

I've been narrowing down some fabric choices.


I still have not pulled the trigger on any fabrics...
what's wrong with me??

(I went back to "visit" this fabric yesterday!)
And just in case the lovely, spare shot above with the white mirror and shiny, polished antique piece fools you...
this is what the rest of the entryway looks like.
On Week 3. Yikes!!

It's a little wild on the other side of the room 
and I'm not just saying that because of the animal print pillows everywhere!

And in unrelated news 
(because I always, always do random projects in the middle of every ORC
 #procrastination #itspartofmyprocess? )
 I got the rust with orange dotted lines cushions from my latest find  slipcovered last night.
The 70's called and wanted their cushions back. 

I will overcome. And make some decisions. And get something done.

See you next week with ( fingers crossed) more to report!

Be sure to check out what everyone else is doing here!


  1. yep - that mirror is everything!! Absolutely love it on the white walls. It's perfection! Can't wait to see what fabric you choose.

    1. Thank you!! Pulled the trigger on a fabric today. Fingers crossed it was "the one" because I bought 3 yards!!

  2. THAT MIRROR! I am coming in the dead of night to steal it away. #notkidding

    1. If I find another one I'll call you - you get first dibs!! promise!