Saturday, February 16, 2019

Lee Radziwill and That Couch!

Lee Radziwill has always fascinated me.
Let me preface this by saying that Jackie Kennedy has always, always fascinated me 
and there was Lee following along behind her in so many images.
A little less in the center of attention but so very, very chic and beautiful. 

It fascinates me that two of the most incredibly stylish women in the world were sisters.
I mean, they look fabulous on a camel!

But what really fascinated me the most was Lee Radziwill's Tiger couch.

It's a bit over shadowed by the lavender walls
 but there are even two tiger x stools in the foreground of this image. 
I think that couch is the most amazing couch out there. 
She had some decorating chutzpah, dontcha think?

And then she gave the couch to her daughter-in-law 
and it lived on in this gorgeous NY apartment. 

I personally think the couch really shines in this setting more than in the lavender room
 but who am I to question the woman who married royalty?

I don't have the decorating chutzpah and vision to pull off a couch like this but guess what?
One of my favorite bloggers does!
Jamie Meares from I Suwannee found a Tiger couch out West
 and had it shipped to the East Coast. 

She is currently decorating her new condo around it and the suspense is killing me!
Above is a little sneak peek and aren't we all a little jealous of her cute pooch getting to snooze on that amazing couch?

Jamie Meares is channeling her inner Lee Radziwill.
What a great tribute!

  As long as there are tiger couches and people with enough style to use them, like Jamie Meares, then memory of Lee Radziwill will live on!

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